Bugfix update vom Gameboy Emulator

Beim ausprobieren von PacMan habe ich gesehen, das ich vergessen hatte
den Sprite-Priorität Mode-1 zu implementieren.
(Sprite wird durch Background oder Window verdeckt, falls Color !=0)

das habe ich verbessert und als Version 1.07 hochgeladen.

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6 Antworten zu Bugfix update vom Gameboy Emulator

  1. Mat.Alm sagt:

    Hi! Thanks for the update… I managed to modify it to build on my system and i turned on gcc compiler optimzations and I can get more than 80 fps with -O3 settings with mbc 1 enabled. For me it seems to have some bugs in some games… Some loads ok but freezes the system. Even with some small games with 32KB the games that I tested that have more than 64KB none of than worked 🙁 Do you plan to add interpolation to get a bigger game screen? Also is possible to adapt nes games to run on it? Load games from sd-card and load than to sdram impact too much on performace?

    Btw nice work!

    • Uwe Becker sagt:

      You are right!! The project is developed and tested with „debug“ settings.
      When i switched to „release“ settings tetris is running with 120 fps.

      please give me the names of the games that doesn’t work. I try to fix this.
      With 120fps i can easily double the screen size
      (but 144px*2 = 288px doesnt fit in the f746 screen (272px), 16 pixel (8lines) are missing)
      Do you have a bigger screen ?

      Loading from SD-Card is a bigger task, let me first add a a time sync to hit 60 fps
      in „release mode“ (120fps is unplayable 🙂 and a bugfix for your games.


  2. Mat.Alm sagt:

    Hi! Thanks for reply! No i don’t have a bigger screen Iiuse the F746 disco board… Maybe doing a resize/rescale with a non integer scale can solve the display dimensions problems?
    I also noticed that average fps number can fluctuated a lot from game to game…
    And i will self answer one of my questions : gameboy is Z80 and nes is 6502 so the roms are not compatible.

    Some games that does not worked for me:

    Duck Tales (U) [!] size: 65536 (freezes at nitendo screen but loads game ok)
    Road Rash (U) [M][!] , size: 131072 (loads go to black screen and after freezes)
    Double Dragon (U) [!], size : 131072 (freezes at nitendo screen but loads game ok and opcode error adr : ff47)
    Space Invaders (U) [S][!], size : 524288 (this game loads ok and demos runs but when start playing the game it freezes!)

    Games that worked for me:

    Asteroids (U), size: 32768
    Paperboy (U) [M][!], size : 65536
    Bugs Bunny (U) [!], size : 65536
    Bubble Ghost (U) [!], size: 32768

  3. Mat.Alm sagt:

    In this link : https://dhole.github.io/post/gameboy_cartridge_emu_2/ contains a implementation of mbc1 emulation. I don’t know if this is the problem maybe it helps…

    • Uwe Becker sagt:

      ok, give me a few days…in the meantime you can download version 1.15
      (release version with -O3)
      Use „TAB“ to change screen size
      Use „+/-“ to change emulation speed
      (The fps sync is not that accurate …but good enough for the first shot)

    • Uwe Becker sagt:

      finally…version 1.21 is online. (bugfix for games > 32k)
      but „Road Rash“ is still buggy.
      You can now use a sdcard to load games with the limitation:
      put the games into „root“ and only 10 games will be listed.
      (will be changed)

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